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Woodnick Law is locally and nationally recognized for their work in complex family disputes, including child abuse and neglect allegations, and complex custody and divorce. They are the firm to contact for representation and advice in difficult legal matters. You can be confident that Woodnick Law will provide you with professional and aggressive representation from start to finish.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys serve clients throughout Arizona. Our main office is in North Central Phoenix (Maricopa County).  We have satellite offices in Flagstaff (Coconino County) and Tucson (Pima County) to better assist clients throughout the State.

Representation Throughout Arizona

Although there are many qualified attorneys in every county in Arizona, sometimes the best option is not to simply call the law office located closest to the local courthouse. In fact, many counties outside of Maricopa and Pima employ contracted attorneys from Phoenix and Tucson because there are not enough local attorneys to handle growing caseloads.

A local or contracted attorney may be unable to direct enough time and resources to an individual case. Alternatively, a local attorney may benefit from (and appreciate) a second opinion from a professional who does not work with the same Deputy County Attorney, Judge, Guardian ad Litem, and Parent’s Counsel every day.

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