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Brad TenBrook


A graduate of University of Toledo College of Law, Brad joined Woodnick Law after serving as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General. Brad is respected for his strong litigation skills, staunch commitment to nurturing client relationships, and ability to quickly understand the critical issues and determine an approach that works for the client. Brad has been recognized in the legal community for his successful defense against allegations of child abuse and neglect in criminal court, juvenile court, and family court.

Brad is a frequent lecturer on issues involving mandatory reporting and child abuse related litigation. He has lectured for medical schools, private organizations, and even the Catholic Diocese.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a lawyer with as much [Department of Child Safety] experience as Brad,” said a colleague. “Whether he’s defending a parent wrongly accused of neglect or helping professionals like teachers and doctors identify the tell-tale signs of child abuse, Brad’s number one concern is always the welfare of the child. He strives to keep kids with the good people who will care for them and separate them from the bad people who might do them harm.”

In his free time, Brad plays basketball, coaches his kids’ sports teams, volunteers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and feeds his insatiable passion for music.

Brad is an internationally followed podcaster and produces a show called ‘Helping Friendly Podcast’ – a podcast about the jam-band Phish.

“You will never find a more thorough understanding of the finer points of defending clients — AND musical improvisation, extended jams, and cross-genre music — in one person,” said his wife, who is also an attorney in Arizona.


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JD, University of Toledo College of Law

Ohio State University