Domestic Partnership/Same-Sex Marriage 2019-05-21T15:56:50-07:00

Domestic Partnership/Same-Sex Marriage

Even after the landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges prohibited states from denying the right to marry to same-sex couples, Arizona law is not generally favorable to same-sex marital rights. The conservative political environment in Arizona has resulted in same-sex parenting, custody, and property division issues that are much more complex than in other states. Same-sex couples who recently married must tread uncertain legal issues while courts attempt to reconcile old, likely unconstitutional statutes with the contemporary structure of law.

Woodnick Law is committed to protecting the rights of all individuals to make conscious decisions about their family irrespective of their sexual orientation. Woodnick Law is proud to have worked alongside national organizations, including the ACLU and NCLR, on both legislation and individual cases to promote same-sex family autonomy. Woodnick Law recently contributed an amicus brief in the landmark McLaughlin decision before the Arizona Supreme Court.