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Sabra Barnett


Sabra is a second-generation criminal defense attorney. She grew up in a house where the phone rang at all hours of the night and spent her weekends hanging out at the jail, while her father worked tirelessly to get his clients released. It was no surprise to anyone when she left her cushy civil litigation practice to become one of the first Assistant Federal Public Defenders in Birmingham, Alabama.

Criminal defense is in Sabra’s blood. Sabra believes in the importance of helping people during their toughest times. She has represented clients in all stages of their cases, from pre-charge investigation through jury trial, appeal, and post-conviction relief. Prior to making the switch, Sabra spent almost 6 years as a construction litigation attorney for one of the largest firms in the South. She travelled the world interviewing and deposing witnesses. She was mentored by a man that smoked two packs of cigarettes and drank two pots of coffee a day. He taught her to pay attention to the details and use her writing skills to win the battles. When she was not litigating, Sabra worked as the Legislative Director for the Alabama Senate, where she was able to hone her oral advocacy skills and realize the power of advocating for others.

50% of good lawyering cannot be taught. Sabra has the instinct that it takes to be at the top of her field.  Since becoming a criminal defense attorney, Sabra has handled cases in both state and federal courts. Prior to practicing at Woodnick Law, she was an Assistant Federal Public Defender for the Northern District of Alabama and is licensed to practice law in Alabama and Arizona, as well as various federal courts throughout the United States. Since the beginning of her career, she has handled all types of cases including Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Fraudulent Schemes, Drug Offenses, Assault, Theft, Probation Violation, Appeals, Vehicular Crimes, and more. At Woodnick Law, Sabra focuses on representing individuals in federal court and during the pre-charge and post-conviction stages of their case.

Sabra’s love for service goes beyond her day job. When Sabra is not at work, she can be found volunteering or cheering on her kids at one of their many activities.


JD, The University of Alabama School of Law

BA, Hamilton College