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Woodnick Law Attorney by Day, ‘Phish’ Podcaster by Night

By: Woodnick Law, PLLC

For Brad TenBrook, being a lawyer is a passion, but when he’s not hanging around the office assisting clients or in court litigating, he’s working on his other passion: his nationally known podcast, the Helping Friendly Podcast.Brad+Photo

Brad started the Helping Friendly Podcast (@HFPod) with his co-host and long-time friend, RJ.  HFPod focuses on the band Phish.  Brad said he was inspired to make the podcast after being an avid listener of music podcasts and realizing his favorite band, Phish, did not have a regularly produced show. That is when Brad and RJ decided to create their own.  The podcast generally includes a Phish show and commentary about that show’s specific songs and jams.  Phish is known for their unique set lists and extended improvisation of a 30+ year music catalog.

HFPod has had nationally renowned authors and music critiques join for a guest pick and chat.  The guests usually choose a show they attended.  Since Phish has played well over 1600 live shows, there is always something new to analyze and enjoy.

The podcast is now biweekly-ish and often includes a third co-host, Jonathon (@rowj).  The three hosts (and their guests) select a show, take a few days to listen and review, and then record the podcast over the internet.  When Phish is out on tour, they might have correspondents from specific shows report back to the podcast on the venue, the scene, and of course, the jams.  If the band is not on tour, the HFPod has had guests from as far away as South Korea chat about their four favorite Vermont-based musicians.

“We’ll pick a show from 1992, listen to it a few times, and chat about it for the podcast,” said Brad.


Brad said he has enjoyed being a part of the podcast and views it a fun hobby outside of work.  Even though music is always playing in Brad’s office, he says “there is no way I’ve listened to all of Phish’s shows”.

“It’s a pretty unique community. The podcast is a fun way to bring together and chat with Phish fans—even if it’s just over the internet,” Brad said. “I feel like the podcast allows me to be part of the Phish community, even if I don’t get to see as many shows as I did in the 1990s.”



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